Aerial motor removal KZJ90

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Jan 16, 2015
Hi all, firstly I would like to say I have read through all the posts I could find regarding accessing the Aerial motor. Some posts mention removing the cruise control servo bracket from inside the fender to give you access.
The issue is that on my Land Cruiser, it is not where it is shown in the drawings and there is no hole inside the front fender where you could get access. I have search numerous times thinking I must be looking in the wrong place.
There is the Brake system that is mounted on the inside fender which is in about the same place as mentioned in the write ups.
So the only way I can see to get at the Aerial Motor is to remove the black inner fender. This looks difficult and already has a number of clips that have the heads broken off making it even more difficult to get out.
I am hoping I missed something that someone can point out or do I have to remove that inner black fender to get at the motor ?
I have manged to get some of the Aerial out and some of the toothed nylon comes out attached but the rest is still inside the unit.
I am hoping to mount a standard generic type aerial there instead of the powered unit.
My Cruiser is a 96 model KZJ90 3 door model.
This is the 80 forum. You may get more accurate responses in the 90 forum. On the 80 the motor is accessible from inside the engine compartment.

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