Advice Sought for 2" Rear Spring

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Apr 9, 2013
Hi All,
I've read the compiled suspension thread in the FAQ, and it's very good. Thanks to all who contributed to it.

I currently have 2" TJM Gold springs in the rear, and they are fine when I'm unloaded. However, on camping trips I frequently have a few hundred pounds of gear back there (and in a hitch mounted rear rack). Let's say there's 400# total weight back there then. During those times, the rear sags more than I would like and it affects the stance and steering feel quite a bit.

I'm considering whether to put bags in the rear ($100 solution) or new springs ($200-$300 solution).

Do you have a suggestion you can make for rear springs which would work well for me? I'm thinking about the Ironman 2" 200-440# springs, which it looks like on the Metal Tech site are under $200.

I'd like to avoid stinkbug and a harsh ride when not loaded. My current ride is nice and soft, which I like.

Thanks for your input.

I'll take bags for $100, Alex.
I've got those squishy TJM springs and occasionally tow a trailer. Aside from the obvious squat, I actually like the way they ride and steer when loaded up. If you like the way the springs ride when un-loaded, and you do equal time loaded and unloaded, then air bags would be the best solution.
Thanks, guys. I appreciate your replies.
Bags will work, but can also get damaged and develop leaks in the bags, lines etc.

A trouble free solution would be different springs. I'd suggest the 50mm Slinky Intermediate springs. They are a 440lb spring but they are dual rate so they should still give a nice smooth ride when unloaded and be much better suited for the load. My Slinky springs are MUCH MUCH better and load handling than my OME J springs were. Even loaded with nearly 1000lb additional weight in the truck and pulling a trailer it doesn't sag. Sits level and rides great.

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