advice? parting fj60, tahoe

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Nov 19, 2005
Tahoe CA
United States
I have an '83 fj60 in north tahoe. Was in great shape...tipped on passenger side recently. Has Weber 38mm, intake and ceramic header, as well as no cat. These factors mean no passing smog, therefore no registration.
Selling the truck and have been offered 1k-1.2k. It does have OME suspension which has about four years on it and a slight drop in the driver's rear set. It did spend one winter in Michigan and has developed acne. New alt, fairly new battery, vaccuum adv dist, starter, four core rad...swapped long block two years back. Body has 240k on it, swapped motor has approx 140k now. Did gaskets then.
should i sell truck whole for the 1k offer or try to part it out? i do not have a shop, so am wondering if it's worth it....
much thanks!
Parting it out would net you more money..
If you part it out, I'd be interested in the Lift kit as well as complete front and rear axles.
It's worth more in parts. If you have time to pull and ship parts as they sell you'll be much better off. If you decide to part it I'm interested the intake/header. PM me with some info if you decide. Thanks
Thanks for the replies...
If i part this truck out, I'm willing to take offers on the various parts so as to get the process done as quick as i can (the roomies are o.k. with a backyard skeleton for only so long)
The gentleman offering to buy it whole can't come up until next if I can start the parting out asap, this would make my decision easy...

*mike, how much can you pay for the lift and axles?

*yosimitesam, weber? ...separate offer for motor/trans/TC?

*cosmo, intake and header?

...and when could each of you make it into truckee or do any of you need to talk shipping? if you're able to come up this week, I'm more able to commit to parting it.
Thanks guys! maybe we can get you each a sick deal and I'd still end up in better shape
carneters said:
*mike, how much can you pay for the lift and axles?

The rules on mud are that the seller needs to list a price. I am interested in these items, but how much I'm willing to pay depends on the condition of the parts. The fact that the cruiser was in Michigan for a year and its now in Tahoe where they also use salt on the roads (but probably not as much as Michigan) gives me concern about rust.

Give a price and post up some pics.
fair enough.... I understand.
ok, i'll take pics as soon as the sun comes up and post prices tomorrow morning as well...
They use salt in Michigan....?

Just kiddin...They luv da chit here.
photo prob's

hey, is there an ancient chinese secret to posting jpeg's to this site...doesn't seem to want to happen for me.
I took a bunch of shots yesterday, would love to bang out some parts sales quick.
Any advice ?
much thanks



ok, figured out to post em as html's...just took these, so i'll go through and post prices as well and respond to PMs and e-mails from you guys...thanks!




deciding to part, have to wait a few weeks...

well, our purchase of an hj60 seems to be falling through due to compression test results which weren't what we thought they'd be...I am 99.9% sure I've decided to part this rig out, but will have to wait...we're shopping for a diesel cruiser and I have a temporary driving permit into March for the rolled fj60, so in the meantime, I'll post some PM's and responses to you guys and keep in touch. Should only be a few weeks...
Purchased a rustfree 1975 fj40 w/ a Cummins turbo diesel last week...working out minor kinks in cold weather starting, etc...ready to part the 60 wagon out soon...anybody interested in picking up some parts for cheap- thanks for your patience, this project gets back underway pretty soon here...
i want the brush guard and the driver side front door. please e-mail me with your price.

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