Advice on new soft top with stock hard doors

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Jan 21, 2003
I'm interested in going with a soft top on my 74 FJ40. I've been reading up on the options for the last month or so and haven't seen anyone mention how the different soft tops match up with the stock hard doors. &nbsp:Does anyone have any advice on what tops work good/bad since I want to use my hard doors?

I just can't get rid of the wing-windows, they're just too cool!

I have had 2 Bestop soft tops on my 40 (I quarter flopped with my 1st one into a tree) and I have been extremely happy with them. BTW I use my Hard-doors.
I have a tiger top with hard doors. The only problem i have had is around the top of the door. The velcro will pull apart a highway speeds. I solved the problem by adding a couple of snaps on the tube that the door edge wraps around.
i have a 77 with 75 doors and an older (96 or 97) kayline fast has a toyota roll bar.
i never could get the zippers on the back to close all the way and the fit around the top of the doors leaks water when it rains or snows. but i don't mind,you don't drive a 40 cause you want a comfortable drive.
I have had 2 Bestop tops on my FJ-40 (about 20 trees attacked my old one) and I like it.  Here are some pics.


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