Advice on installing seat belts

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Dec 18, 2009
Monroe, WA 98272
Hi everyone. I gutted my FZJ80 93 LC in hopes of cleaning her up and installing new sound deadening material (PO let his dog live in it for 15 years). My sister got wind of this and gently pointed out that I needed to have the dealer re-install my seat belts to make sure they are property secured. My first thought was: they are just installed with bolts and a lock nut and since I can torque them loose, I should be able to re-install the bolts with the same tension. Where am I wrong in this reasoning? Got any practical advice? I was thinking of stopping by the dealer to see if they would verify my torque on the bolts.

What say you?
Bolts are bolts, just put them back in..
good luck
Your fine,you will do it better than the dealer anyway. Mike
I can't see a reason why you couldn't just put them back in yourself. I'll check my FSM later and see if there is a torque in there.
If it helps....


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i separated the 2nd row seat belts... took some people out on trails last week and they said I could get tickets for them not wearing seatbelts... where I'm from rear passengers aren't required to wear seatbelts...( still havent reattached my seatbelts) nubie you're over in washington... you know if its illegal for people in backseats not to wear seatbelts?

(if it is, maybe I should reattached my belts)

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