Advice on h55f rebuild?

Mar 10, 2019
melbourne, Oz
Seems quite a few folks have done it here. In the process of reading everything available about it.

I am greatly encouraged by a h55f rebuild youtubby vid. He cut the notorious bearings off, not the best practice, I have done similar before like a patient watchmaker on other things.

I have a spare h55f sitting in the shed from a wreck. Looks like it has been fiddled with before. It is unknown what it felt like when in the car.

Taken off the transfer, it looks doable to put new bearings, idler shaft and seals. Gears look ok.

All the gears of the transmission engage with some coaxing with the lid off. The gears look ok as far as no teeth missing or broken off, good amount of flat on the teeth. Not much swarf about.

No way to really know how the shaft looks unless pulled apart.
Purchasing a shaft/s or gears would be the killer of the effort and cost of of rebuilding. Turd polish, may as well look for better.

I can't afford to fork out $5500 aud odd for a new one. Would be nice though. There are some aussie mobs offering rebuilt h55f with transfer with exchange for as low as $2500ish +shipping. But I do not know the quality of their work. I really feel doing it myself gives me the full picture and understanding.

If, the shaft and gears are ok on a used one with approx. 350000km, would a consensus say go for new syncros and bearings along with the seals? I have the toyota seal kit.
Anything else? Spacers? , sleeves? Which aren't too expensive.

I can get virtually all new toyota components (spacers, idler shafts, sleeves, synchros, all the different size rings etc.) besides the main shafts and gears for the same cost of a bearing and seal kit without synchros included.

I realize it is a pretty open ended question, but I feel it is worth asking from folks with more experience before I pull it apart.

I guess some folks would say, get it apart successfully first!

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