advice on buying an 80 in Ecuador

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Feb 5, 2009
East Texas
I have bought property in Ecuador and will be moving down there from US next month. I have owned 80 series LC since they first came out, a 1991 that I had for 18 years then a 94 that I just sold because of this move. I would have taken the 94 with me but the goverment down there dosent allow import of used cars because they tax car sales and are highly protective of that revenue. I am aware of the issues with these trucks and will look for a good one.

I have been looking at a couple of the auto sales web sites there and seen 80's made in Venesula, Ecuador , US, and Japan. The South American ones seem to have carburated engines. Is there an advantage to that ? Most have manual transmissions, but lockers must be rare 'cause I haven't found any so far as I can tell on-line. I saw one with ambulance doors and a Japaneese with square headlamps, Some have funky side facing jump seats. Also found a Venesulan made in 2004 with 16K miles which they want an arm and a leg for. (Yes they made them there after the rest of the world stopped production) Prices for 80's are high by US standards, most averaging around 10-16 K and some even up from there.

What is the difference between a VX and a GX designation?

Any Ecuadorians that speak English here on MUD? I think I can get Ironman products there.

Thanks ,
A buddy just bought a Venesula made '80 in Colombia (IIRC 2006?). It is EFI, distributor-less (coil on plug), no lockers, nice rig. He is installing lockers (ARB) and 529's, found that the later diffs/axles are different, ended up swapping earlier axles to get the job done. Not sure of the change date, just something to be aware of?
Venezuelan 80s were assembled there until very recently. Most of the parts on the truck come from Japan. If you score a truck made less than 5 years ago, you've got a winner.
VX and GX relate to the amount of luxury in the truck.



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