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Oct 26, 2006
Folsom. CA
I orderd up the DBA XS cross drilled and slotted rotors from MAF, but unfortunely they are out of the PBR Ceramic pads (and can't get them) and sent me ceramic pads from Meyle. I did a little research and don't think Meyle's are the best so I am returning them.

Anyone here have some advsie on which ceramics or brands to use and the best/easiest place to get them for a 2000 LC?

May 7, 2003
But do the OEm's bite as well as some of the aftermarket pads???
If you want more bite than you will need to use something other than a Ceramic aftermarket pad, which is designed to mimic OEM. In that case check out the Hawk LTS pads which are a semi-metallic-carbon combination that offer better bite than stock with less dust. The trade off (as with ALL high performance pads) is some minor squealing. The other pad to consider is the Porterfield R-4. Both will offer better high temperature braking than stock, with about the same initial bite when cold as stock (most high performance pads will not have better cold performance).

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