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Jan 10, 2003
Austin, Tx
Hi Everyone,

My approach to engine mods is to improve efficiency before ripping apart
a motor. If it can't breath or get enough spark, all the cam in world is
not going to help you.

I have a stock 97 80 and want to modify it to so it can operate more
efficiently. I am not looking to make it a hot rod.

I have talked to some folks and came up with a to do list and would like
to get your input. I want to make sure I am getting the correct parts.

Amsoil through out

High flow cat – Magnaflow Round or DynoMax
Flowmaster 70 series muffler – maybe something quieter but flows well, recomedations?


MSD 6A Ignition Box
MSD Blaster Coil
8.8mm Accel Spiral Core Wires

Thanks for your help,
IMO you'll get jack out of the ignition mods. See Bob's website for filter testing to help decide if you really want that K&N. Dunno about the cats or muffler.
I wouldn't waste your money on the ignition modifications. The stock Toyota ignition is pretty efficient. All of the hype of MSD, Jacobs, etc... is basically for small block chevys and other older designed systems. There you can get major performance gains. When you already have a good system you are basically tossing money out the window.
Hey cruiserman,

What is the address of Bob's website?

Thank you,
keep everything you mentioned except the fluids stock and save up for a blower instead.
[quote author=semlin link=board=2;threadid=8960;start=msg77872#msg77872 date=1071856240]
keep everything you mentioned except the fluids stock and save up for a blower instead.

Agree.... That's what I'm hopin' for.
as far as ignition, anyone ever thought about using the coil packs(one coil for each plug) that the Oz spec 4.5 uses? I gather its more powerfull. Prolly wouldnt work without the Oz spec computer or something?
[quote author=landtoy80 link=board=2;threadid=8960;start=msg78124#msg78124 date=1071885780]
What is LSLC???

Lone Star Land Cruiser club.
Well I have gotton advice from the 3 different boards I am on. Everyone pretty much says just stick with the syn oil.

One guy did say to buy a thermal gun and measure the temps of my cats. Plus measure the cats on another that I know works. If my cats are hotter than normal, they maybe getting clogged.

Thanks everyone for helping me save my $$$.

[quote author=warpdriv link=board=2;threadid=8960;start=msg78246#msg78246 date=1071899947]
Well I have gotton advice from the 3 different boards I am on.

Nothing like a threesome to make you happy :eek: :-* :cheers:
If you live in a dry dusty environment like me then don't waste your money on a K&N. Oiled filters and dust don't mix well. My buddy put one in his Tacoma at the beginning of summer and pulled it out about a week ago let me tell ya, there's no way I will ever use one. I use oem and shop-vac it once a month in the summer and it's still clean. His was so caked you could not see the filter media at all
The KN and TRD filters clean better when dirty.
That said, I kept my paper filter to use in place of the TRD filter if i go to a very dusty area.

If you saw the dirt on the outside then the filter did its job. If the dirt was on the inside then I would be concerned. The K&N is easily cleaned but actually filters better when dirty. Not as easy as vacuuming but considered regular maintenance to clean and re-oil. Myself I now live in the hot humid environment where the K&N is not challenged..

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