Advice needed on bumper top plate

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May 20, 2021
Nashville, TN
Hey y’all, seems like this is the place to ask. I acquired a rear bumper that’s missing the top plate/step plate. Ordering the replacement part from ARB would cost a small fortune, so I want to fab one myself if I can. I’d like it to look similar to the one it came with originally, but I don’t know where to source the material, or what it’s called. Seems to be what door thresholds or stair treads are made of — it’s a sheet metal with ridges for tread. Any idea where to looK for this, or any other advice? All ideas are welcome.


I would suggest McMaster-Carr as source for starting your search.

I found this sample set that has three types Al plate that they offer (i.e., a sample pack where you see options on your truck/bumper parts in combination)

Overall, this is where I was searching

Grainger is another of many options out there.
That is machined from a custom made aluminum extrusion. You can have your own extrusion dies made for around $20k and get a mill run of material for another $5000 or so.

For the cheap Jeep look you can install aluminum tread plate. There are lots of other options if you search for anti-slip plate.

I have designed and built lots of vehicle racks, bumpers and steps for friends and family. I like to have .3" wide strips of 11 gauge HRPO or 304 laser cut with tabs on one side to fit into the mating plate and a gripping surface like a really dull sawtooth form on the other side. Geometry would be like a repeating .5" straight bisecting a .1"R half circle cutout. Space these strips about an inch apart and leave gaps so water can't accumulate. Makes a slick looking step surface after powdercoat. Looks like industrial bar grating.

You could get really creative with other materials as well- I've always wanted to make a skeletonized steel bumper with G10 rub plates. Or just use plain 6061 aluminum machined to fit . Maybe mill a pattern for grip. Then have it Type 3 anodized for a super tough finish.
Reuse an 80 series rear bumper step plate? Defintely less costly than other options...
My first impression was that it was cut from an aluminum bleacher seat/tread plank:

If you really want to match the pattern, you may have to look a bit. It comes in a variety of "patterns" from different manufacturers: Dock/Decking/Bleacher -

That would be a bit difficult to cut the ribs off the underside, though. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a flat piece with that "tread" on it.

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