Advice needed - 1990 Land Cruiser FJ62

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Sep 16, 2013
Hello everyone. Would appreciate some 'peace of mind' advice from the experts here. I am just getting into the Land Cruiser world and am close to offering a price for a 1990 FJ62 with 189K miles on it. Truck looks great and dealer has provided pics of under-carriage and videos of it driving and starting up. Sounds great.

Per dealer, only thing wrong is the power antennae, which doesn't work. A mast was put in its place. All mechanical things are good, carfax is good (although it did reside in Mississippi for a bit - no flood info though).

My issue is that they are asking $13,999 which I don't think I'm willing to pay. What does the market look like for vehicles like this? Is $10,000 a fair bid for a 1990 with almost 190K miles on her?
Price depends a lot on condition. Rust is the biggest killer of these trucks. There seems to have several low rust, high mileage, 62's move recently in the $5,000 to 8,000 range.

Mechanical condition matters in what the vehicle will continue to cost you to operate it. If you have to pay someone else to work on it you will likely pay double your purchase price in 5 years. At 200k miles the truck is likely to need quite a bit of work unless you're confident that a used car dealer is being completely honest and upfront with you. :hmm:

A vehicle would need to be low mileage or mint to go for $14,000. I'd recommend to be patient and pass on this one. I have one with 65,000 miles on it that I would hesitate to ask $14,000 for.
Pretty high to me. Crazy how these trucks thats 23 years old could still cost this much. Paid a $1k for mine with a blown transfer. Little rough and little rust with 116 k on it. Keep looking and be willing to travel
Seems high to me too. I wouldn't pay that much for one that's lived East of the Colorado river.
Sold a solid 135k '83 with no rust, newer 33s and an OME 3 years ago for $6,500

Any sub 200k rig in good condition should be had for less than 8k, it's not the purchase price that will get you anyhow, it's maintenance and repairs for a 25 year old rig.
I agree. Probably too high but it's hard to tell without seeing the truck and knowing more details. I think anytime you buy a car you should drive it, inspect it visually in person yourself, and let a mechanic who knows about the particular type of car look over it. If you are patient and thorough in the buying process your will be happier in the end. Good luck!
Gotta love how that owners manual is strategically placed over the tear in the drivers seat. Lol

I would definitely need to see and drive the truck before dropping that kind of coin.
If that is the Cruiser in question. I already see a lot of little things that does not make it a $13,000 dollar rig. Power window main controls is brown, headliner is dirty and tears, seats have stains, etc,
Id say hold hold on take your time, there many cruisers out there that are less money and look just as good. patience is key to finding the right one. I bought mine with the same amount of miles for $3200. they are out there. just keep looking. Good luck!
Hey, mine looked just like that, 10 years ago, when I paid $8k for it.
I don't know what it is about Nashville dealers loving to over-price 60s.
too much $$...have you look in the classified area on this board to see what stuff is selling for?

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