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I'm looking for some 6" anti-inversion shackles to pair up with a Hell Creek Suspension 4" lift.

All up that should give me around 5 1/2" to 6" SUA lift.

Tom Laher (Hell Creek Suspension) has explained that his springs are the stock width so I need to make sure that I get shackles that have a 3" internal width without any thick bushings that might reduce the internal width of the shackles.

Have trawled through here and Google and am finding it difficult to find 6" shackles that are anti-inversion.

Anybody able to point me in the right direction of some suppliers?

Or if I need to get some made up - does anyone have a template that has the right measurements for the anti-inversion bar location?

Appreciate the help.


May 8, 2006
spay-lay-wi-theepi, Ohio
I took a caster measurement w/the vehicle on level ground and used an angle finder. I put it on either the lower or upper trunion bearing cap to see were the caster was. From there you can figure out how much more or less angle is needed to get decent positive caster angle. I used steel shims & welded them to the spring perch, W/the hole drilled in the shim to accept the spring center pin. Duffy @ D & D Machine had a good price on shims.


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Oct 7, 2009
Castle Rock, CO
Check out RufStuf shackles... I think that if you bolt in a piece of .250 pipe in the middle hole, they'll keep from inverting... Not sure on that though, you might want to ask them for sure. Nice, cheap shackles though.

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