For Sale Adventure-rig: FJ60 with 3B + turbo + intercooler

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United States
With a big ache in my heart I am selling my beloved Land Cruiser. I bought this truck to fix it up and drive it down all the way to Patagonia.

Plans have changed and now I am moving to Kenya and unfortunately LHD vehicles have been outlawed there (they drive on the left like the Brits).

This Cruiser is originally a gas vehicle (FJ60) from California. A guy in Oregon bought it and also bought a BJ60 in Canada and swapped it's 3B diesel engine and 5-speed transmission into the FJ60. He also added a CT-26 Toyota turbo to the truck for extra power. The truck has a 5 inch body lift, 33 BFG tires and custom bumper and bull bar + badlands winch + fog lights. It easily does 21 miles / gallon highway and backcountry driving combined.

The truck has almost no rust on the body (tiny bit in rear wheel wells) and the frame is also in great shape.

At 25,000 USD the truck is priced aggressively to sell because ideally I want to sell it before I leave the country.

Here are the highlights of what I fixed / had fixed / I added to the truck:
- air to air intercooler for extra power
- new aluminum radiator
- RVTek snorkel
- fuel lines upgraded to synthetic rubber to allow running biodiesel
- TMS disc brakes in the rear to replace drum brakes + new master cylinder
- TMS transfer case parking brake
- new heavy duty Terrain Tamer clutch
- new master & slave cylinders for the clutch
- transfer case recently rebuilt
- rebuilt front axle (right side)
- new muffler
- welded shut crack in exhaust manifold
- Gamiviti roof rack
- Tepui rooftop tent Kukenam Sky
- ARB double jerry can holder
- ARB protection steps
- serviced turbo + all fuel injectors recently
- new power steering pump reservoir
- new Bosch starter
- new bluetooth radio
- Raingler cargo net
- Hilift jack
- Air compressor
- shovel
- tow rope

Other important details:
- clean title
- registered to California with smog exemption (diesel trucks older than 1998 are smog exempt in California)
- the Cruiser is located in San Francisco, California

I am not interested in trades. I am also not selling any parts or accessories. Hope this helps.







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