Advance Curve

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Feb 20, 2002
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
I just completed an HEI conversion on my FJ60. And now am trying to tweak the advance curve. Can anyone provide me with a picture or description of what the original Toyota advance curve was and maybe a suggestion of what you have found works best on your HEI conversions.


Bonus question;

Can someone tell me where to route the tach lead from the HEI to my wire harness to allow my tach to funciton again?
Bonus answer: The HEI cap uses a clip to hook up the power, and that has two wires on it. The other wire is the tach lead. Also, if you look at the stamped letters on the cap, one will say "tach".

Someone else will have to answer the real
So what I am trying to find out is where do I now connect that lead from the distributor?


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