Adobe InDesign Help Dammit


Jun 3, 2004
Northern Colorado
I realize this is the second time in a few weeks I am asking for help with Adobe products... Last time, no one made fun of my Adobe buffoonery, hoping I can get away with it this time.

Doing a project, involving a bunch (~45) of seperate PDF files given by third party to business to distribute.

Business would like to place their logo in each PDF for distribution.

The only thing I have in my bag of tricks that looks like it wil handle it is InDesign, v. 2.0.

I create a New Document, then Place my orig PDF using the Crop option, do the same thing for the logo and all is well.

I Export the file, saving it as a PDF, selected the Print style (and Custom, and Screen).

The problem is, my saved files are about 6 kb (vs ~200+ for the orig), and when I open them, they are blank!

I need to finish these today - any ideas?

TIA, A :beer: for all your efforts on my behalf.
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