adjusting OME 2.5'' lift

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Jul 3, 2018
Can't find anything on this specifically, but can you / is it wise to adjust Old Man Emu torsion bars above what the shop installed? I have a full OME 2.5'' lift, diff drop, and SPC uca's. I am at roughly 22.5'' hub-to-fender in rear, 21'' hub-to-fender in front. I want he front to be about 1/4'' to 1/2'' higher. Can this be achieved by cranking t bars? if so, and i raiase front 1/2'' max, is another alignment needed?

Yes you can adjust the torsion bars to lift the front more. It's normally recommended to align it after a height change. 100's handle best when there is rake in the front (the front lower). Don't forget to make sure you have proper droop.

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