Adjusted Kick Down Cable, now high idle in Park??

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Jan 7, 2015
1994 Land Cruiser - Tranny was shifting too early causing me to bog until I picked up speed. I then adjusted the kick down cable to within 1 mm of the stopper(it was at 7mm), shifting better now.

But when in Park, the idle is now 1100 RPM's, when I drop it to Drive, it goes to about 700(normal).

Am I going crazy?? Would adjusting the kick down cable cause high idle in Park????

Idle of 700 when in Drive seems right, but should the idle be 1100 in Park??

Thanks guys!
Found the issue, when I put my foot under the gas pedal and push up the idle goes back to normal. Looks like a sticky pedal? Does the cable need lubing or it is most likely a sticky TB? Thanks
Sticky throttle cable. I'd replace it. I had the same thing and a new cable fixed it. Get OEM, the aftermarket option doesn't fit well.
To be honest, I am afraid to even attempt replacing it. Is there an easy way of going about it?
Thank you very much! That video is perfect! I am going to order the cable this week.

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