Adding trailer wiring to a '91 FJ80

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Feb 28, 2004
Divide, Colorado
I have done several searches on this and have a couple of questions. Bear in mind that this is a 1991 model:

1. Where are the wires located that I need to plug into? I keep hearing "rear fender/quarter panel", but does that mean I need to pull off the interior plastic panel for access or is it outside of the truck in the fender?

2. I have read that the Hoppy pigtail harness doesn't fit some 1991-1992 models. Has anyone found one that is truly plug-n-play for a 1991 model?

Any other pointers or words of wisdom on this topic would be appreciated.

Not sure about the Hoppy Pigtail.

But Yes, the rear inside Q-panels. They are simple to remove with a little care not to break the plastic.
I have the Hoppy "plug and play" flat 4 adapter. It is anything but P&P and IMO it is made like crap. I had to fabricate my own connectors for it and it looks like it crapped out on me recently, but haven't tested it out. It was working OK for the last 2 years.
Toyota used to sell one ,pull back panel easy to do.Color codes pretty standard. Mike
Most behind the dr. side. Mike

Thanks, Mike. I will pop that panel off this weekend and see what's back there. I want to tow my M101 behind this rig and definitley need the lights. I am going to install the pintle in the bumper; this trailer only weighs 750 lbs so it should be perfect for the 80.
This thread gives some details about trailer wiring. Not sure how the 91 relates to later models.
I recently took mine to a trailer shop and had them put one on. It wasn't worth the headache trying to figure out what was what.
Is this is right connector (behind DS inner quarter panel)? I am FINALLY getting around to this for camping tomorrow night...
I pretty sure both will work. I know I have mine wired underneath as in the picture you posted and the link I gave previously. Others have connected behind the rear PS panel.

I prefer using the connectors underneath because the wire don't have to be routed from the inside of the truck.

I used the Drawtite 18357.

Cdan says there are difference between 91-92 and 93-97.

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Hopkins and draw-tite each have there own way of hooking them up . then you also have the universal units which work well . These units are a little harder to install but have some really nice additions like if the trailer gets a short it dosn't take out the truck lights or the control box .

I sent you a PM that might help some more
Thanks, guys. I may try going underneath first and see if that works. It sounds like there is no slam dunk way to do this, since so many 80s are totally different. I'll post up the results when I get this figured out.

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