Adding PTO gear to T/C

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I am about to add the PTO gear to my 4 spd T/C to complete the long process of getting the PTO winch system working. I've never taken the t/c or tranny apart. Is it easier to take both off or just the t/c. I think all I need for the t/c to come off is a puller? Any help or suggestions. It's on a '78.

i dont think you need to take it off....both mine had a pto gear in it already.........
Mine doesn't. I've heard very few 4 spds have them. :-/
oh i see....well mine was a three speed so that explains it. you should only need to pull the tcase then. i see no need to pull the tranny............
pto runs off the transfer case, and my t-case is a 4 spd and i got a pto :D

oh, i was implying three speed case. ;)

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