Add Oil Light Turned On

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Sep 28, 2003
PNW, WA aka wetside
I was driving to lunch today when the "add oil/low oil" light came on. This alarmed me as I have not noticed any leaking or burning oil.

I had been driving with the defrost on hi, temp on hi, a/c on, and air being recharged...I dunno why but when I saw the oil light turn on my first instinct was to turn down the heat and switch from defrost...

When I did this the oil light shut off immediately?

I went in for lunch and about an hour later checked the oil level...Oil level was normal.

On the commute home, the oil light did not turn on again.

What would cause this? Electrical Problem? Or Oil Problem? ???

What brand and weight oil is in your engine?
bad earth in the dash somewhere?
Bad sender or faulty wiring?
I'm using Castrol GTX the dealer changed it when I first got it...Any clues to the low oil light?

I've been wanting to switch to Mobil 1 Syn, but wanted to drive a few k's before to see if there were any obvious leaks/burning issues.
Do all Syn's have the same esters/rubber seal swelling additives? I was wondering if I should run some hi-mileage syn before switching to Mobil 1 Syn...Any thoughts?

Just had the oil changed...They said it was a few quarts I guess it's in fact burning oil...What signs (besides the low oil) would confirm this...

The only exhaust smoke that's visible is when the engine is cold, but this disappears after warming up...

Is there anything I can do to stop the oil consumption?

What actually causes this and besides the loss of oil what are ill effects of burning oil?

Could still switch to a Synthetic or should I nix this idea?

Was the light on when they said it was low on oil?
The oil float might of got stuck and then unstuck.
If you are burning oil I wouldn't go syn.
You might have sticky oil rings. Get a can of Seafoam and add some to the oil.
You can run a bottle ATF in the oil for 5mim before you change oil to clean out the motor or use motor flush.
Your best bet is to try Chevron Supreme. Sometimes using a dif brand of oil will stop the oil loss unless it is "LEAKING"

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