ACSD Removal question/help?!

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Aug 15, 2016
Edmond, OK
So Im in the middle of removing my ACSD. Ive removed the tranny kick down bracket by removing the two 5mm on top of the IP and the long one that goes through the ACSD and pulled it out of the way. Im now trying to remove the 12mm nut that holds on the spring/linkage on the actual ACSD. Every time I try to loosen it, its turning the whole spring assembly. Do I just need to wedge something in there to keep it from turning? Just want to make sure Im not missing something, like an opposite thread direction or something.
Ok, so I answered my own question. I got the nut off but now I can't get the damn spring assembly off the shaft. I released the tension on the spring and the whole damn thing is literally hanging on my a thread on the shaft. Do I just keep pulling?
Mods, feel free to delete this thread. Got everything off and reinstalled. Ran out of daylight, so the ACSD is still plumbed to the coolant lines but zip tied out of the way.

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