Accelerator Pedal Sticking!

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May 20, 2003

My accelerator pedal in my '78 BJ40 sticks!
It must be the pedal because if i rev it using the lever where the intake is, it rebounds back to idle speed no problem. I cant work out why its doing this! :(

Any ideas??

its either the cable or the pedal, so its not too hard to find out which. Disconnect the cable from the pedal, and you'll have your answer.

I Cant work this damn thing out. Is there sposed to be a spring on the pedal, which springs it back to the idle position, like on the brake pedal? I noticed the pedal is connected to a lever type thing with a spring on it, although im not sure if thats what its sposed to do.

I tried disconnecting the pedal from the cable, although im still not sure, as i really dont know what the purpose of that spring is.
Oh well then that must be my problem. Now i just have to figure out how the hell this spring is sposed to work! Dont suppose anyone can tell me, or has a picture or theirs or anything? Thanks guys


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