AC Problems

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Jul 3, 2018
Hernando, MS
AC problems and the south don’t mix at all. My truck has been out of commission for a couple months and since I got it back running the AC wasn’t blowing cold. I had a can of r12 and had it charged. Half way to camp today, it stopped blowing cold.
Now I have to figure out leaks and next steps.
Anyone done this recently?

This is the front of the compressor. Looks like melted black belt coming out of the front of it.
you have a Blown Your Compressor front Shaft Seal , thats refrigerant blowing out the A/C System OIL through your Magnetic Clutch

Residue of the last 30+ years
It probably melted the damper ring on the hub from cycling rapidly on and off which overheats the coil, due to being low on refrigerant. New clutches are difficult to come by, probably have to replace the compressor. Denso #471-0204
I figure it’s time for a complete new system.
I figure it’s time for a complete new system.

It depends. You can replace the compressor, drier and the O-rings and it will probably be fine. If you want to take out the evaporator box, I'd replace the expansion valve and the pressure switch (and the O-rings) but the evaporator cores don't have a high failure rate, nor does the condenser. The system will work well with either R12 or R134a, (and the appropriate oil) although I'd stick with R12 if you can find some-try Craigslist.
Is R12 cooler than 134? I need to find a pic of all the items so I can tell where they are.
Typically R12 will be cooler, although the design of the Toyota A/C system will also cool well if properly retro-fitted to R134a.
If you want to take out the evaporator box, I'd replace the expansion valve and the pressure switch (and the O-rings) but the evaporator cores don't have a high failure rate, nor does the condenser.

It's my understanding that in order to get the evap box out you have to disconnect the refrigerant lines. My evap is stuffed full of trash and mold - but I'm full charged with R12 so don't want to disconnect lines. My point is if your emptying the system anyway I'd take the evap box apart, clean, new foam gaskets (there's a couple recent threads on here.)
I assume that the evap box is under the dash.
If I have to rebuild the system, I might as well do the whole thing.
Where is the information on replacing the AC system and recharging it. I cant seem to find it in the FSM.
I just did all of this. Most of it is in my build thread in my signature. I have a ton of pics of it too if you need any. Since you are allready empty you may as well refresh it all.

I bought most of my stuff from @1972FJ55 (thanks dude) and a few bits from Rock Auto. He answered all of my stupid questions too. For reasons stated above... I stayed with R12. I found an AC guy in my market via a local mechanic and he refilled my R12 and oil for about $1million dollars (really it was $600)

It blows Ice Cold at a dead stop. I drove to the valley last week to buy a canoe and it was about 108 that day. The ol LC was freezing inside.

Money well spent...
@joebattle1 - how may cans or R12 does it take to fill up? may need to meet up to talk a/c soon with it heating back up again.

I don't have a clue. I dropped it in the morning and picked it up in the evening. I wasn't aloud to know much. The mechanic must keep that A/C guy in the basement with the gimp for fear of us getting to him without them.

I'm in the East Bay... Roll Thru!
If I remember correctly, it holds 28oz so two cans plus a little more, unless you find somebody selling 14oz cans, which do exist, just hard to find.
I get my R12 on craigslist. Technically, one needs a MACS (mobile air conditioner technician certification of some kind) license to buy R12, but most CL sellers don't know that and are just clearing out their garage or shed. I pick a few cans up over the course of the year - some come with a 2 oz oil charge included. R12 is mo betta than 134A IMHO. I have 134A in my FJ60, and R12 in my 87 BMW convertible. The Germans didn't overbuild the AC in that car, so I kept it R12, and get 33-35F vent temps at idle when it's 75 or so outside. The 134A setup in the FJ60 works just fine here in the PNW. It struggled some when I lived in Scottsdale AZ tho.
FYI- I just bought an evaporator on Amazon fro $76. DENSO 4760072. I wouldn't waste my time cleaning the old evaporator...I destroyed mine trying to pressure wash it.

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