AC Not Cooling After Storage

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Dec 29, 2006
'99 Cruiser was not run for about 10 months. Ac was working fine before but now not cooling.
Static pressure was 55 so added some R134 to bring it up to 95 (ambient is 80 degrees).
Compressor clutch working but does not turn off.
Low pressure with system operating is near zero and high side is 150.
Sight glass no bubbles; appears empty.
Depressing the low pressure Schrader valve with system running produces very little gas. Depressing with engine off gas flow seems normal.
High pressure line very hot; low pressure line is at ambient,
return lines are noticeably cool but not cold.
All help very much appreciated.
How much of R-134 did you add? May be it needs a lot of freon.
Added about 6 ounces just to normalize the static pressure. No idea how much is actually in the system.
Added about 6 ounces just to normalize the static pressure. No idea how much is actually in the system.

Correct. You can't tell how much refrigerant is in the system using Static Pressure. brought the amount of refrigerant up to a level where we know you had 'some' liquid refrigerant in the system. At 80° F. ambient R134a should have had a static pressure of about 88 psi, when there is liquid refrigerant present.

Of course, 30 lbs. or 1 oz (liquid) will show exactly the same pressure. The static pressure is dependent on 'temperature' not amount, as you well understood.

Going just on what you have told us....I would go ahead and add more refrigerant (perhaps another 8-12 ozs) and see what your gauges do. Sounds to me as if you had almost completely lost your refrigerant charge.

IF your low side continues to read low and the high gets high, then you have an obstruction (usually at the TXV).

Assuming the system is low on refrigerant, you will need to find the leak.
You were spot on.
Added 10 ounces 134; low pressure rose to 35 psi and high side to 200.
Ice cold air from the vents.
Let it sit for 24 hours, low pressure now down to 15 and high to 150.
So it's got a definite leak. Checked everything that was visible without disassembly and only found oily dirt on top of compressor. Need to add dye and recheck.
Amazes me that an ac compressor old enough to vote is still smooth, quiet, and producing freezing cold air.
Thanks for the help!
add dye... I had a leak at the condenser. put in a new one and I'm good to go.

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