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May 28, 2004
Tallahassee, Fl
ok. my compressor died and it is hot as hell in Florid this summer!
I want to replace my compressor and all needed parts to the new 134 system.
Do I need a different compressor than the stock one?
I thought the different gases used different pressures?
If anyone has any input please let me know.
for the help.
Also if anyone kows what i need to buy and where the best place to get it is that would be great.

PS. my AC man will fill and test the system for 145.00
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Jul 22, 2004
St Petersburg, Florida
Stock compressor will work fine.
R134 pressures will be the same under normal circumstances. Except if there is blockage or debris by the condenser or evaperator, the head pressure will go higher.
Just buy a new drier, get a new compressor and flush the system and you'll be fine.
I usually take off the low side hose, put a funnel on it, pour paint thinner in it, &hot wire the compressor so it comes on. I let the compressor pump a gallon of thinner through to clean out all the old oils.
Then blow the lines out, Then install the new drier, vacuum the system down and recharge it.
Some people say different "O" rings are a must. I don't think they are neccesary.
But doesn't hurt to change them wherever you take a hose end off.
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