Ac diagnostic shows single digit 0 (1 Viewer)

Nov 16, 2019
United states
Hey all,

Searched this forum and others and haven't seen anyone post about a single digit ac diagnostic reading:

When I hold the recirculated/fresh air button and the "off" buttons while turning the ignition to "on" my display reads a single digit 0 before reverting to displaying climate control information.

Anyone advise on what that means?

Ac button flashes after a couple of seconds of being turned on, Everytime. refrigerant level indicates as being slightly over pressurized (by way of using a gauge from a recharge canister from AutoZone).

I need to get the AC going soon and want to do it as cheaply as possible. When I press the AC button the engine sounds slightly incumbered and revs increase very slightly (until the AC button starts flashing, then it runs normally).

Thank you!

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