Ac Condenser..Lesson Learned

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Jan 27, 2017
Prairieville, LA.
Don't always trust the online part config/compatibility checker..... Good news is I think I found my AC issue. Bad news is, the frigging Denso part I ordered to FIX it Doesn't fit. BTW, I live in Hot Ass Florida. And it's Hot as the Devils balls already. I THINK this one is for NO REAR AC, which...Did the LC even come with No Rear AC option?



Correction- it IS listed as a NO-REAR AC part.......just buried deep in the description for the part Ad. Be sure to read every line when you order parts.

At what this costs, my wife is going to cut off my nuts.
You need Denso #477-0603. Denso's website doesn't tell the difference between the two. Rock Auto $133
Thanks, Ordered! Still...Damn.
Come on, it's not hot here yet! No sympathy from me, except for your condensor predicament of course. Have you tried to returrn it yet?
Rear ac was an option in 1999. It was not available on the 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser. It was available on the 1998 lexus lx470. In 2000 rear ac was added as standard equipment. These are US spec vehicles.
The old condenser. Definitely, my issue was leaking condenser.
i had that same issue. glad you figured it out quick. it took me 6 months to diagnose and repair.
You married guys really make it sound so damned appealing...
Just make sure your gf knows and understands your cruiser has needs and to think of it like a step child

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