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Jan 1, 2011
Durango Co
So I dropped $250 today on 3lbs of R-12 after 2 different shops told me my AC system was holding pressure and showing no signs of leakage. As soon as I got home I popped the hood and there is the green dye bubbling around the front and rear seal of the compressor. So I figure my $250 will be gone in a day or two and surely I'm about to be out a whole lot more. Everything else is great no leaks just the compressor (yeah I know JUST). Any words of wisdom? Can I rebuild or just replace the seals? Or am I looking at a complete replacement? It's blowing cold but not for long. $&%! This is a huge blow to our relationship, not what I had planned my first $1000 going to. Thanks
I switched over to R134 and have been happy with it. It seems nearly as cold as the R12 was.

You can get a used compressor for about $100

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 FJ62 Parts For Sale

or a rebuilt one for around $400

Specter Off-Road Land Cruiser Parts - Search On 053-20

a dryer, new O-rings, R134 fittings for the compressor, and your R134 and oil at the local parts store and do the work your self. Hardest part for me was getting the evaporator out of the dash but there are a couple of O-rings in there and it will give you a chance to clean it up. Harbor Freight has cheap but usable AC gauges and vacuum pumps or you can rent from local parts store.

Took me the better part of a weekend, including an overnight vacuum purge of the system to make the switch. First time I had worked on an AC system and I used the FSM and IH8MUD as technical references.
You can reseal your compressor, and I'd replace all the accessible o-rings at the same time. These videos show the re-sealing process so you can get an idea of what's involved.

ID the compressor:

Remove the clutch:

Reseal #1

Reseal #2

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