AC Club Shirts ????

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Apr 27, 2012
At the meeting tonight (1/13/15) we took a poll and a show of hands of guys that would be intrested in a club t-shirt. I think those in attendance showed intrest in shirts. I think that the "President" is wanting to know what kinda of shirt people would want. Meaning would you want a short sleeve shirt or long sleeve shirt? What size and color? This will be a prepay order for the shirts and Rance will work out the details of who and when the shirts will be ordered from. This is just to see who is intrested and the "President" will let us know when the order will take place.

Ryan - 2 short sleeve. 1 Red and 1 Black
2 Long sleeve. 1 Dark Blue and 1 Black
All Large

Post up what you want and colors along with sizes. Hopefully Rance will have a design and what the shirts will look like in a few weeks.
Thanks for ordering! I like the darker colors or a gray could be cool. 1 short & 1 long. XXFat. All cotton - none of that high speed tight spandex stuff which prevents me from going to a buffet.
Jordan mentioned maybe some hoodies-

I'm down for short and long sleeve

Maybe some AC thongs for the ladies- just a thought
I'm down for a couple. I think we should do kids shirts too.
I'll take two short sleeve (L). Pink since I drive a Lexus. :princess: Just kidding. Dark blue or red works for me.
I missed Tues meeting, but I'd be interested in a couple of XLs shirts.

Mr President, If you need help with sourcing let me know. Between work and scouts, I order several hundred shirts per year. They are under same deal, so I get a decent price. Mark
Any word on getting some shirts made up Rance? Thought about patches also?
I'm waiting for more replies. Can't just order 10-12 shirts or they will be too expensive. Patches would rock!
Looking at the count so far, we have about 16. I would like a black hoodie to be added to that. What would we need to get the count to place an order? I may order a few extra just to have around.
I'd love a tacticool velcro-backed AC patch!
Kids SS:
XS x 1
S x 1
Adults SS:
M x 1
L x 1
XL x 3

Adult LS:
M x 1
XL x 1
there you go Ryan/Rance...9 more for my clan. Hope this helps...
I'd like a short sleeve and a long sleeve, both in Medium. preferably in white or light grey for summertime wearing on the trail. or maybe olive green would be cool. Pocket T's would be pretty sweet as well if that's an option...
(this is Evan Huskey by the way, I still cant figure out how to change my Mud name and I still need to change my picture)
Got you on the list Evan. I'll get with Rance and we'll post the color options so everyone knows what colors are available.

Everyone, I sent an email out to the group this morning. I added the newer members, so you should have received the email. But if you don't mind, would everyone reply to the email at some point just to let me know that I have your email address correct. Thanks, Andy
I would like an Adult XL short sleeve and long sleeve and an Adult M short sleeve. Boom.

And no sports bra for me Andy, gotta let these babies breathe.
I'll take 1 kids medium, 1 adult small and 1 one adult XL. All short sleeve. Don't care what color.

Andy, I did receive the email. Thanks.
I want 1 large adult short sleeve and 1 medium kids. I'll take any color but orange... Sorry, @RSHARPfzj80 ;). Ok, I might be a little more picky on the color once the choices are revealed.

@Goode, since I'm in middle TN I can send money via PayPal to one of the east TN guys. Or I can mail a check. Just let me know.

I received the email, too.
Will the shirt have the "sticker" on it or is someone working on another design?
Jamie and Josh, I have your order on the list.

I think Rance and/or Shawn are working on some designs.

Rance, can you post the color options for shirts? (I couldn't make out all of the colors on that screenshot you sent me.)

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