ABS sensor fault. Servicemanual anyone? (1 Viewer)

Feb 24, 2011
I have problems with the ABS on my HDJ80, 94. One of the weels starts to skid at low speed, as described elsewhere on the forum. It is the ABS, as problem disappear when I pull the ABS fuse.
I assume these are the faults possibilties:
- To low voltage from sensor due to demgnetized sensor or to large gap between sensor and rotor.
- Bad cabling
- Faulty ECU

I have measured the voltage from each of the sensors. Both measures 0,15 V (p-p) when I turn the wheel by hand. This might be low?
On the other hand, it is always the left wheel that skids, so I think it must be only one bad sensor, the right one. I assume what happens is that the system belives the right wheel has started to skid because of a weak signal, and releases brake pressure on that wheel. As a result the left wheel gets all break power and starts to skid. Is this correct?

Anyway, if it is not the sensor then it can be the cable. But to measure the cables I need the pinout for the ECU.
Do anybody have this, or even better, the whole ABS service manual?

Also. The sensors now have a 0.5 mm shims. If I go for thinner shims, is there any possibility of the sernsor crashing with the rotor?

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