ABS Brakes and Intercooler, really necesary?

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Thanks to all of you for your replies.

I feel better now about my brakes, cause I realized I don't really need them. I've had all my live Toyota trucks (Hilux's and 4 Runner) and non had ABS. I learned to drive under every type of condition in this way and will continue doing it. Maybe, my concern was about getting a car so expensive without this new technology. Thanks to your posts, I am sure I can perfectly manage it without any ABS.

The intercooler will be my next proyect con the car. But first, I have to start "building" it as an offroad vehicule. My priorities are in this order:

1- New offroad tires
2- Safari snorkel (comes rainy season in Costa Rica and rivers can get really high)
3- EMU suspension
4- Front ARB Bull bar with IPF lights
5- Warn winch
6- Differential locks
7- Rear ARB
8- Change my roof rack
so, it's a Hdj 105 ;)

There were no HDJ105's only HZ105 with the indirect injection non turbo motor.
Of course it's easy to swap in a 1HD-T or turbo the 1HZ.
You're right... I can't beleive I make this stupide mistake !
That is interesting. There's a member here who appears to have a similar vehicle.

Theres some oddball combo's alright.

First picture shows 1HD-T powered HDJ100 (amongst others like the 1FZ powered '100' as well - LHD only). Another thing is Aussie didnt get the HDJ100 until 2000/08, while other markets recieved them in '98.

Column 8 abbreviations - ARL (Australia), GCC (Gulf Corporation Council), GEN (General Countries)

Second picture shows Australian spec 100/105 lineup.
Gen Spec J10# EPC 1.jpg
J10# ARL EPC.jpg
It would be nice if ABS turned off with VSC when the CDL was engaged. ABS is nice when you're flying around the mall parking lot and you come up behind some dimwit who slams on their brakes for a speed bump :D
Been down here in Costa Rica for the last week! Fantastic country, lots of actual applications on a daily basis to use the center diff locker.

Rented an AWD Hyundai Tucson with center diff locker. Haha! Thought it was a joke, definitely helpful crawling up the side of a Volcano in some heavy rain today.

Seen a lot of Landcruiser Prado (4runner/LX) lots of 80’s and 100’s. People really use the functionality of these vehicles out here.

My question to the forum is probably going to get me roasted! But, rolling around in this Tucson feels great and functional. So question.
Is having a lighter vehicle beneficial in a country with s*** roads?

Lastly, why the &?$( is Toyota naming these 4runners land cruisers!?
^^ and how is this related to ABS and intercoolers???

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