about to buy 80 LC in dallas

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Apr 20, 2009
hi guys,

i'm looking into this LC i found some time ago. going later today (its 1:30 am) to see it from Austin. the seller seems to be honest enough to say all he's done to it is the regular 3-5k oil change and any other fluids needed. claims to be in good condition, no engine tranny troubles--no leaks, the usual responces. its a 95 136k he wants $5865, seems good, though.

anybody here gone and seen it. going to ask for a VIN to do a carfax and meeting up with my uncle from dallas to go see it, ex machanic--not toyota especialist much less LC, but knows something about cars, at least way more than newbie me. i'm taking a print out of Slee's FAQ tips with me just to know what to look for in detail. any heads up i should know about!

i've read/learned alot since becoming a memeber of the forum but lack hands on experience with any vehicle.

below is the link 95 land cruiser

95 Land Cruiser
Not just with LandCruisers, but with any used car I look at... I like to ask "Why are you getting rid of it?"
and how long has he owned it. The answer to these questions will help.
Looks good and price is fair if it is all he says it is. Worth looking at.
It doesn't look like it has factory lockers if those are of any interest to you. It seems to be kind of hard to find good ones that are locked these days, but if you keep looking one might show up.
I would have that paint looked at ASAP, it seems to have faded to something horrid.

:flipoff2: Welcome to the addiction!
Check the a.c. make sure it blows very cold,brakes,coolant-good and RED,Take his garden hose spray sun roof and windows good checking for leaks,check alt. and battery,is there paper work on maint.,tires,belt changes. etc. Mike
I personally would want lots more photos before I drove from Austin.

What potential desaster lies under that steeringwheel cover. No pics of the driver's-side seat cusion and leather. Am I imagining things or is that "brush guard" is just hanging off this rig.

It might be all just fine, but I would be afraid to drive all that distance without feeling more secure about it.

That said, I drove from San Antonio to Phoenix to pic up my truck and cosmetically it was just as described, but, I got lots of photos in advance !

Keep the Cruiser Faith !

"spedometer shows" usually translates to not actual mileage.
No amount of leg work will mean s*** ... trust me on that. Do it anyway though ..

** When you get there (or before; on the phone) ask him (Shawn) which dealership serviced the vehicle. VIN in hand, phone up that dealership, speak to the service dept, and ask for a summary of service recently.

** Make sure the title is clean.

** Do..ask for more photos. (Shawn loves taking photos, as the pics of his other 2 cars for sale seem to indicate)

** Run a check on Shawn himself .. :hillbilly:

And finally .. don't buy this one. Wait. Wait for the cherry just around the bend. You'll find it if you're patient.

Good luck man,

That address and house seem familiar. I am thinking that is the same guy I looked at a Volvo that he had a couple years ago. Similar deal, he described the car really well but the pictures were not great. The car was ok, not nearly as nice as described but the price was good. I think he is a dealer that sells some from his home so check it out well. I did not buy the Volvo from him, just seemed a little suspect for some reason. Maybe this is not the same guy but there are alot of cars in front of his house (but there are in front of mine too!)
Good luck
Is Peepers still selling his in Austin? Just pick up that one, and you'd be good to go.
thank you guys so much for all your help. it was my fault for getting all your warnings and tips too late (i posted around 1:30 am and left for dallas around 9am)

your initial reactions were completely correct. this guy is a dishonest car salesman. 100% scam. i didn't know until TYLER posted those links. Yep, i saw those cars outside his house but didn't too much about it. he said he was in construction--sheet rock.

some of you mention reporting him to the proper authorities. what are the proper authorities in texas i should contact? i am completely inexperience in this things and believe in the English philosopher John locke when he said mankind is good by nature. lucky for me I had my uncle in dallas (mechanic), carfax and above all, the help of you guys. I don't want some honest fellow fooled by this guy. what steps can i take to help prevent this.

oh forgot to ask you Solidfrontaxle, how is peepers might like to meet him if still selling his rig.

You're getting side tracked.

Focus on your search for an 80. Figure out exactly what your wish list is, and then start making calls, exchanging emails, running carfaxes etc

i guess i should focus on finding my cruiser out there, TYLER.

yeah, solidfrontaxle, its way out of my price range. i want pure stock.


just meant that i'm no interested in a LC with mods. I want a stock truck so i can add my own things.

sorry for the confusion.

i got a 95 fj80 here in kyle,tx ,needs a little work though.asking 4500 its got 147k miles

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