About spin timing of 4BD1T

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Feb 11, 2008
I need to check the spin timing of my 4BD1T. The only way that I have is a tool to mesure the travel of the small piston of the first outlet ( cylinder 1 ) of the injection pump.

First I set the zero of the tool when I'm sure that the piston is fully down. After I place the engine flyweel on the mark 14. I read 3.18 mm. When the flywell is on TDC point I read 5 mm. The upper point of the piston is 7.2 mm. The engine was cold.

On the valve cover I can read: initial injection timming 14 BTDC.

I need someone tell me if my engine timing is ok and wath mean the note write on the valve cover.
Spill timing 4bd1t

Not spin but spill timing

Sorry but the question is still there
Isn't the point of spill timing to find the crank angle which fuel spills from the injector line?

Turn it slowly, when fuel starts to spill you then check your crank angle against the markings on the timing cover.
If you need more help on these engines, www.4btswaps.com has a forum just for them. You're more likely to find the right answer there.

I have run the whole range of timing on my engine but never spill timed it to check. I'm back to the factory marks.

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