aaaah, a nice surprise on a Calif trail...

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Gotta get outta here...
Sep 20, 2003
spent the day yesterday on Miranda Pine Trail in the Sierra Madres near Cuyama. Typical Central / So Calif backcountry road/trail. Not technically challenging, except for serious mud patches (yup, rain and clay) that had the :princess: s yelling when we were sliding and skidding next to the drop off, but eh, one's got to live an interesting life... So mostly dirt, numerous creek crossings. Only had the CDL on a few times.
Going up the last mountain was sort of interesting with the slippery trail, but then, lo and behold, near the top I decide to go check out a wild campground. Go up only a 1/4 mile and the trees start to look ghostly with snow on them, a bit more up and several inches of snow on the ground to the point that we could have a snowball fight and make a snowman. What a surprise and delight! Now you guys in MN may not think much of this, but to us it was a great highlight of the day...
"TTIUWP" :flipoff2:
OK, here is one just when we started to see the snow
IMG_0397 small.jpg
Just to add to e's snow post this weekend in SoCal.
Wasnt able to go on a trail in Gorman but the kids had fun in the snow near Mt Pinos. Thick powder - sledding, snowman, and snowball fight. Where I live <40 minutes or so away it was sunny, dry, and cool - this is what so great about living in CA. Camera strap was cropped out. ;) Sorry.
BTW e, that is a great pic worthy of wallpaper duty.
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yea, and it's dang cold these days, must be as low as 60 or so during the day... what's with that? :D
Yes we got about 6" at 3,000 ' on friday night kids had fun.

then it melted .............sunday at about 3-4pm we got about 2" down to 1,800 of slush grass valley was a mess.

I need PA system . he he

you assholes better move!
e, that's a really cool picture. Thanks, right click, save as!

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