AA Ranger Overdrive for sale

May 2, 2003
I got a nice deal on an NV4500 and pulled out my overdrive unit so am putting it up for sale.

This is an almost new (1200 miles) Ranger Torque splitter sold by Advance Adapters. The unit is what I used to install a small block chevy into an FJ40 and keep the stock drivetrain in stock location. Here's how it works:

The rear of the unit is Toyota bolt pattern so bolts up to your Toy 4 speed (not 3). The front is all GM so you bolt up to GM bellhousing (5.125" index), clutch, etc. The unit is 7.5 inches long and moves the engine up the perfect amount for cooling and requires no driveline mods. It gives a 27% overdrive but is fully sychronized and can be shifted at any time (16 forward gears and 4 reverse).

Will be shipped dry and includes shifter handle.

Asking $750.00 + actual shipping

Check out the AA web site for more info:

I'm in Greensboro NC. For shipping I'd prefer using ForwardAir so check their web site to see where terminals are.

email: strangr@guilford.k12.nc.us if you have questions.


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