A750 swap into 99'

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Jun 20, 2018
Been seriously looking to what it would take to complete a 5 speed swap into a 343 equipped cruiser. Of course there are several limiting factors beyond wiring. Ive done a bit of research on the subject and not found any successful swaps.

So after looking into other options for transmission control I think aftermarket is the most logical. Something like a Compushift Pro, which interestingly enough will soon be offering support beyond the A750 including the AA80. An 8 speed 100 series would be awesome..

So just pondering the possibilities here, and wanting some input from others that may know of some successful swaps, or gather some information bellhousings, rotations and so forth.
Buy a 100 series with the 750 already in it.

Trying to retrofit one into an earlier model is just a Hornet's Nest of trouble.

But then maybe you are a masochist ? ;)
Was just thinking the same thing as OP. IF for some reason the original early model 343 went out, could you swap with an A750 fairly easily.

Looks like the answer really is NO.. but due to electronic control of tranny? Or is there something else?
Automatic Transmission Australia has done many 5 speed standalone swaps. I believe they use a compushift controller and it doesn’t require any input from the vehicle. They already have shift maps for our 4.7 engine. If my 4 speed ever goes, this is the route I’ll be taking.
Very cool. Curious the cost @DirtDawg. Are we looking at $5k to swap or closer to $10k? Am I way to high?
Very cool. Curious the cost @DirtDawg. Are we looking at $5k to swap or closer to $10k? Am I way to high?
No idea, I haven’t looked into it too deeply. Ideally I’d want to supply the trans and just buy the standalone comp from automatic transmission with their tune.
Thinking out loud... would an ECU from a 5 speed equipped 2003-05 (or 2003-04 T4R) work?

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