A440F question

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Dec 11, 2010
Philipsburg, MT
I Bought an 89 FJ62 350 Conv. with the Auto tranny a while back. I'm in the process of getting it up to par and had some questions about the transmission. I recently did the "rodney flush" on her and dropped the pan and filter out. The filter was quite bad. It was caked around the outer edges in some pretty nasty stuff, that too me kind of looked like gasket material? Is there anything within the tranny that could have worn out and caused this or is it just build up? Anyway. Cleaned the the crap outta the filter (literally) and did a complete flush. So the transmission now feels 10x smoother, however before and after here is what is still going on:If I kind of take off from a rolling stop, or stomp on it going about 25mph or so, it attempts to shift down but in the process, the engine revs way up and then it slowly grabs the lower gear and takes off. In other words its like shifting into neutral briefly and then finally shifting down. Any ideas? IS this thing just wore the heck out? It does have about 180k miles on it and obviously the last guy wasn't looking after the tranny.Thanks for any help guys, this is a pretty nice rig but I'm not too hot on the idea of buying a new tranny just yet.
not much help on the trans issue, but cool another big sky guy. check in at the clubhouse section, sub-section big sky cruisers.
Common flare on the shifting. Your throttle kickdown cable needs adjusting. You'll need a couple of 14mm open end wrenches, look for the adjuster on the throttle body. There is a procedure in the FSM that shows the exact distance where the "magic bead" should be, but I have found it only gets it close, you have to tweak it to get it where you want it. Adjust, drive, adjust, drive, repeat until you get it working how you like it.
If you are looking at the front of the engine and see the throttle body, the cable in question is closest to the firewall, but shares the same "pulley" as the throttle cable. Make sure the throttle cable is snug, but not opening the throttle. Then make sure the kickdown cable is similar snugness, but really it will depend on whether the cable has stretched over time, if it is binding in the housing and the condition of the tranny. As stated above, adjust the kickdown and drive it to see how it shifts.

A common problem is for the A440 to upshift from 1st to 2nd too soon or to have really soft shifts. Adjusting the cable can help that.
I got to thinking about this, is the transmision the original? not up on my adaptors, just wondering if there is an adaptor to use the Toy trans with a 350?
or is it a chevy trans with the adaptor to the transfer?
Hey guys thanks for the reply. 3 Puppies, im positive its the Toyota tranny, But I'm not sure what brand of adapter it is, is there anyway to tell (Marks, AA?) I don't have hardly any experience with auto trannies. I don't really think its slipping but as KLF mentioned above, there is definitely that "flare" when shifting down. Funny thing is it only does it most of the time. Say your going up the street at about 25mph, 4th gear and 1500 rpm or so (I can't remember precisely), and you lay into it, it flares to about 4000 rpm and then finally down shifts to first (grabs around 3-3500rpm I think?). VERY obnoxious and loud and inefficient. Now again, say your driving up the street in the same scenario, you just lay into it about half way to speed up, it seems like it won't drop just a gear or two, it always flares and looks for first. However one or two times I've tricked it and it has performed what feels correctly by instantly kicking down, nice and smooth, to the correct gear. As far as cruising down the road though, it seems to be in pretty good shape. The lock up definitely works the way it should. I Really need to play with the kick down cable as I know for a fact it isn't in the recommended place the FSM suggest because as Burnoil mentioned, it does have a pretty soft upshift.
interested in seeing how the kick down cables are hooked up under the hood, with the 350.
You've rechecked the fluid level lately?

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