A winter camping story about our 100 series

Aug 24, 2019
Calgary, AB
Disclaimer... We were in a trailer. But before you roll your eyes and call me a glamper, it WAS COLD. Real cold.

But I'll let you be the judge whether this adventure is worthy of retelling or not. 😂 My other two rigs usually get written about, so the uzj100 deserves some props sometimes too?

Jul 19, 2018
Northwest Montana
Nice adventure write up, sounds like a success with some XP points gained.

Remember there is no such thing as bad weather just bad gear.

Nothing wrong with calling it a night in camper either, I call it glamping when the 52' RVS pull into town. I'd do a pull behind trailer if I could as well but I find myself on some narrow single track and obstacles at times cause me to be reversing for many miles at times

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