A weird ass noise in the front end.

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Nov 30, 2017
Hey Guys,
Ok i have a problem and it has cost me s*** loads so far and please do not say it is the CV's.
Problem: Clicking noise on the drivers side (short shaft)
95 model
2" list with correct casters.
  1. While driving forward and reverse.
  2. While turning the steering wheel only to about 1 o'clock and on.
  3. No noise turning with no power, coasting. eg: power straight forward to do a U-turn, then foot off the power and turn full lock "no noise".
  4. 3 sets of CV's in 40,000k's
  5. New bearings through out.
  6. Crown and pinion good.
  1. Diff bearings, i'm at the moment putting a ozy lokka in and noticed the roller bearing casing moves a good 2-3mm.
  2. I have noticed the new Brass Bush worn in 2 places say east & west, so something is moving.
  3. I noticed with the control arm off the hub was hard to turn, i released the bearing cap and i need another shim.
I'm totaly out of suggestions. Many have told me that i need to replace the CV's so i do. But know after the last lot i drove down the road and done a u-turn and their it was again. click click click click as i'm turning.
Have you checked the U joints? Grease one at a time then test drive after each one so you can identify which one is the problem.
Drive Flanges.
Wheel Bearings.
Brake Disc dragging the backing plate.

If you're installing a Lokka, you should also be doing locking hubs and a part time kit.
Thanks for the reply, i can not see how the uni's would be the as it doesn't make a noise while going forward or reverse only when turning.
I have the part time kit ready to go in after i fix this problem.
Who alcohol is not good for the mind. I'm 90% certain i have found the problem. The spindle locking washer is stuffed. There are wear marks on the slotted thread indicating the lock washer is moving around the shaft. Hense the clicking noise. As thier is really only load put on the bearings when the wheel is turned. The degree of turn the more pressure placed on the bearings then onto the that washer, which then makes that washer turn around the shaft. Well it sounds good. So whatcha recon ???

Contact Kurt at @cruiseroutfit to get new parts.

Then follow @Tools R Us for the install procedure. 35 LB-FT on the inner nut torque.

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