a texas white 40 owner lost a camera? (1 Viewer)

Oct 25, 2006
hey guys, i came across this thread on a chive facebook group. the guy posting says he found a camera in the river with thousands of vacation pictures. from the pictures i can't tell if the couple or friends of the couple are the ones who own this white FJ40 with texas stickers.

I'm hoping we can re-unite the camera/pictures with the camera owner. any of these pics look familiar to anyone?
10493030_10202313624272757_475152560102879743_o.jpg 10531391_10202313598912123_1898973334462143305_o.jpg 10620008_10202313589351884_5296254380544536394_o.jpg
Feb 4, 2014
Las Vegas
The third picture has two women - the brunette, behind the 40, is taking a picture of the longhorn - the blond on the passenger side has "Keep Austin Weird" on her T-shirt.

Not sure of the location - could be Three Rivers or the Guadalupe river in the Hill Country, or one of many locations throughout Texas.

No idea about the pirate in the first picture.

X2 --> "maybe post in the TX clubhouse ?"
Apr 13, 2011
Austin, Texas
I posted this in the austin section.

I think I know where that 40 is if it is in austin, and they are not on Mud, or at least never post. I may stop by and ask them if it is the one in westlake.

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