A tale of hitch swaps and spare tires

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Another one bites the dust!
Jun 24, 2004
Rural NoVA
Searched but was uncomfortable with what I was reading w.r.t. my situation....

My 93 has stock sized tires and a Curt receiver. I want to keep a receiver on this rig AND move to a set of (5) 285's. Presently, the spare is stock size and *barely* clears.

My 97 has 285's, including the spare, and an unknown brand receiver (see pics 2 & 3). The spare has some elbow room. I don't want/need a receiver on this rig.

Question #1- Can I take the receiver hitch from the 97 and move it to the 93?
Question #2- Assuming yes on #2, is there any reason why a 285 spare wouldn't enjoy the same clearances on the 93 as a 285 spare does on the 97 after I swap in the other receiver hitch?
Question #3- Does the Curt go in the dumpster or would somebody find a use for it? Both 80's are 100.00% rust free,

Many thanks, in advance.
I had a 93 and now a 97 and I’m pretty sure that the receivers are identical so the spare you are talking about should work.

Unfortunately, I’m not 100% sure since I have ditched my receiver for a 4x4labs rear bumper carrier etc
Maybe one of our parts gurus can confirm if Mr. T used the same receiver for all 80 models ?
The "unknown brand" of receiver is the port installed "factory option" receiver that came "stock" on our 80's.

This would be a question for @cruiserdan , as he has watched them all. (If the 97 will fit on the 93)

As far as the "Curt" brand, never heard of them. You can put it on the other one or throw it in the trash.

Make sure to use the correct hardened bolts and I recommend anti-seize but if you're not in the rust belt, it may not matter.
Yes, they're all the same design. I've pulled them off all of mine and replaced with a pintle ball. More ground clearance and more spare tire room.

Curt's the most expensive of the bunch, at least in the states.

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