A slight whine (1 Viewer)

Sep 19, 2005
Nor Cal
Just had my new '94 80 LC out in the Mojave for a few days. It behaved flawlessly -- but then I didn't crawl over any big rocks or anything.

Driving down there from the SF Bay Area, though, I could hear a slight whine at 60 mph or more that sounded like it came from behind the dash. Very slight -- you could almost think it was from the CD player, but it increases so that you first become aware of it when you're decelerating. So it's probably mechanical, and probably doesn't come from under the hood or in the drive train, but it's there. Didn't increase on the trip.

I guess what I can do is disconnect the speedo cable and see if that affects it, but what I'm used to hearing from a dry cable is a grinding sound that doesn't increase on deceleration. Anyway, any ideas would be welcome.

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