A pic from Okinawa.

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Sep 18, 2002
Rosamond Ca.
I'm currently deployed to Okinawa. I have posted a couple pix in the 70 section of rigs I have seen here. I thought I snap a pic for you guys as well. So, here is one of the nicest I have seen since I got here. Frame said it is an HJ60. I thought only the 62's had the quad headlights. Anyway, it was parked right outside my billeting doors.
Copy of 7X series 057.jpg
Copy of 7X series 059.jpg
I haven't ever seen these shackles before.
7X series 061.jpg
Copy of 7X series 060.jpg
There are tons of Suzuki Jimny's of all types here. It appears to be the wheeler of choice. I haven't been on any trails here, but I here there is a bit of wheeling to be done. I haven't seen a gasser Cruiser here yet. I wanna wrap them all up and bring them home next month. The people here are really nice.

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