A.O.P. Jan. 24 - 25

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Aug 5, 2011
Chapel Hill ,TN
GA crew is planning a trip to AOP the weekend of Jan 24 - 25 . Looks like they have a few heading up . I thought I would post up to let y'all know . I plan on going depending on the weather . I'm sure if the weather is nice we can do a Friday - Sunday .
Thanks for posting this up! I was just coming up here to to ask y'all to join. As Rocky said, we'll be heading up to AOP for our first run of the year and if were lucky we'll be able to see Ted test out that new exo cage of his!
Still fixing trucks. New Trans in 60 and king pins in IH
I'm a maybe. My sister-in-law had her first young'un yesterday, so I may be visiting the family to see the little one this weekend. Erin is going for sure, and I am a game time decision. If I don't go east then I will probably head south. If i get away it will likely be a day trip and I have no idea what I will be in, so I may have to bum a seat. Will know more as the week goes on.
ahhh crap. Can't you guys call off the rain, sheesh. I dunno Rocky, we'll see.

That sucks !

It will be a muddy mess , I'll be out if its raining .
Looking like the rain is pretty likely down around AOP on Friday and Friday night. It sounds like the GA guys may be looking to reschedule, so I am going to just plan to work around the house and farm.
From what I remember about AOP the one time I went, the mud was that slick as sh** type mud....
From what I remember about AOP the one time I went, the mud was that slick as sh** type mud....

You are correct .

Looks like its going to move to next weekend if anyone is interested . They are planning a trip to Choccolocco Mountain , AL in Feb also , its a pretty fun place from what I remember .
Still waiting on the official word but it's looking like a rain out this weekend and there's an open discussion on bumping to next weekend. Think AOP will be a mud fest after the 1/2" rain predicted for Friday and I'm not interested in driving all the way up there just to spin tars.

If you've not been to chocco it's a very good park, similar to AOP in many respects and well worth driving down from the Chatt area.
glad we bailed out last week, Weather forecast for this week is better except for Thursday.
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