A new to me FZJ !

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Car Guy

Wasted talent.
May 16, 2013
Niwot, CO
I finally pulled the trigger on an 80 series! A '97 LX450 to be exact :grinpimp:

This color was at the very bottom of my list but was too good to pass up. I still can't believe how solid this one is. Very few people can look over an entire vehicle as good as I can and nearly everything easily passed 'the test'. The only thing needed is new tires, however I might have bought a set regardless had they not been close to new. Other than that (only cause I'm super picky) the front knuckels/bearings will get serviced, 4 new factory shocks will be installed, and a few little things like a new rear wiper arm assembly will be taken care of. As it sits now you would think the mileage is 50k by how solid everything is. I can't wait to make it mine.....

Nice - congrats! Have a 97 lx myself. Welcome to the addiction!
Mine is that same stinking color, same as you. Just to clean to pass up. My lx is a 96.

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Hate that color...


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what's wrong with the color :confused:


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