I sent an e-mail to a friend the other day, to spur him to get a Toy he bought from me 6 months ago out of my carport. His only reply was to call him at work. So, I do & we're chatting about various news and he drops a bomb! He claims he, and others, decided he ought to be President of TLCA! I was shocked, that my friend, Tony Twiddy, who I've known since high school, when he drove a Heep Cherokee, and laughed at my Cruiser, would be where he is today (Uh oh, I'm rambling)

The real reason I became motivated to write this, and I have never done this sort of thing before, is because someone I know very well, for a long time, has stepped up to the plate. I have been one of those 95% that never get involved directly. I have been reading Cruiser related mailing lists and newsletters and Trails for a long time, with no input from me. But now I am going to tell you, with all sincerety, when Tony Twiddy decides to go with something, he will stick with it like glue. If you want sincere, honest, fair, fun loving leadership for TLCA, I think you've got it! All he needs to keep motivated is for those that want it to egg him on with support and faith. If you think you're done with TLCA, or thinking about signing on, I suggest that now you give it a fair chance to be what you expect. When he asks for a little from you, give it, 'cause the payback will be more! When you ask him to give a little, you'll likely get more than you expect!
May 20, 2002
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Shoot, let's go easy on the guy. Who hasn't at some point owned a Jeep? The most important thing is that we have seen the error of our ways. Speaking of which I talked my younger brother into selling his J20 and buying a damn clean 78 40. We are picking it up this saturday.


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Feb 17, 2002
Las Vegas
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Ditto that Woody,
Never owned a Jeep.

Although I am attempting to restore a Ford GPW with LC axles and a 22RE for my soon to be son :)

(I don't care what any Jeep person says, it is a ford ;) )
Dec 8, 2002
Only by teating other brand do you realy know the pleasure of a Toyota.

Me. 46 Willys, Traded for a 1978 KISS pinball machiene.
90 Cherokee, DD not sitting in the driveway waiting to unload. 240 000 miles and rattling like crazy.
88 Bronco II, My new DD I got for $700 and then hit a dear. I may buy a new fender and grill in the spring.

OK who an I kidding, I probably just beat it with a hammer and buy a tubing bender.

My 87 4Runner I have had since 90. I break it every year, but it's always my fault.

Tony Twiddy Rulz!
Dec 23, 2002
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As Paul notes, how else can someone say one specific brand is preferable if they have not tried them all.

and I also agree that a willy's does not fall into what we would group as Heeps. They are a sweet little unit. (who hasn't wanted a flat fender at some point in their life)

you guys rock... jeff, you suk. (but we are best friends you maggot) :-*


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Nov 2, 2002
Shoot, let's go easy on the guy. Who hasn't at some point owned a Jeep?

ME! ME!  ME!  Fist vehicle I bought was a 1965 Franken-cruiser FJ-40, bald bias-ply tires on split rims, no seat belts, no top and a Buick bench seat that the PO had lag-bolted to the body!!!!  ($1200) I had no idea what I was getting into.  All I knew it had a 327 V8 and I had wheals!  Whooo hoooo!  16 years, 6 FJ-40’s, one FJ-55 and one FJ-62 later I am still driving Landcruisers.  (Ok 2/3 of the three anyway, the 55 is just a rolling frame now)

These things have taught (made) me learn how to wrench, do body work, weld, and bend tube.  They also taught me that you never really add up the bottom line on the cost of any project, or you might get drunk and actually tell someone.  :-X 8)


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