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Wow, this is great. You need to keep this updated for us as you go. Curious, what is the metalize process? In the US that would mean adding a thin layer of metal to a non-metal part (or so I think)....looks amazing...can't wait to see how this progresses.
Thanks (-:

Mettallizing here in Europe is something we use a lot for the offshore industry. It is actually a thin layer of zinc you can add to steel which have been blasted (the blasting with sand or steel is in order to produce a rough surface in wich the zinc can bind). You add the zinc with tourch that produce a light arc and then it spray zinc from a roll of zinc.

Hope this make sence.

After the mettalizing you prime it with epoxy primer and finally you spray it with a epoxy top coat (it will most likely last for ever)!

It is much better than galvanizing (much strong and will not crack as galvanizing tend to do).

On the inside of the frame (where you can't mettalizi) you spray with multiple layers of thin cavity wax (then it should last a life time (-:)!

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