A good FZJ80 mechanic in San Bernardino area?

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Jan 19, 2005
Redlands, CA
Can anyone recommend a good mechanic is the San Bernardino area?

There are quite a few cruiser guys here in town...dont know of a mech.. have a freind who is a ford tech will ask him... BTW were are you in Redlands ??? I live down off Olive...
Kind of far but, John at San Diego Trux did some work for me and I got no complaints. He is a Cruiser owner as well.:beer:
Perk, I'm in Riverside and have dealt directly with Toyota of Riverside, Toyota of Corona and Toyota of Temecula. I will never do any business with Toyota of Riverside. They are worthless IMO and seem more intent on selling you a new truck. Toyota of Corona is good but also a bit slow or busy (long wait to get an appt and then long time to get repairs done). I've had the best luck with the Temecula dealership and they even gave me 10% off my parts and labor when I mentioned the TLCA, etc.

It really depends on what you need done too. If it's engine diagnostics then most cruiser heads in the area are not equipped to deal with it. But if its suspension, drivetrain stuff you could try the guy in San Jacinto (I think its Rock Solid Off-Road /(909)654-5404). I'm drawing a blank on his name right now. You can also PM Big_Moose (joe) as he is on the board on and off and does a lot with FJ55-100 (evan) who is a cert. lexus mech).

good luck
Mike R
Yotamasters is a Toyota speciality shop in Corona, dont know much about them but they are into the Toyota truck customizing. yotamasters.com
or 951-279-0220
no expernce with them, Allpro is a great shop too
Thanks for the replies.

Rayjon, I'm over by the University. Good to know there are other Mudders here in town.

I am having engine problems and need to take it to a shop. Any opinions about Toyota of Redlands?? I'll look into the suggestions...any other recommendations?

Perk, haven't heard anything good or bad about Toyota of Redlands. Good luck.

I was told about these guys:
Toy Tech
983 Center St
Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 781-7633

when I asked around, no affiliation or direct experience. Supposed to be quite a bit cheaper than Toyota and owned/operated by a former Toy tech. Might be worth a call.

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