A few "Loose ends" in the engine compartment Pt. I

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Jul 21, 2009
Oyster Bay NY
Ok, so after 8 plus years I am getting very close to starting the truck....but, I have a few loose ends and "what is it?" things. Picture one, a clamp on the top of the valve cover for...? Pic 2, near back of motor, intake manifold, a vac hose goes there...? Pic 3, there is a manifold temp sensor, Pic 4, now this wire may hook onto the manifold temp sensor or go to the Temp Gauge sensor which is Pic 5, (there only seems to be one wire with female connector for the two male connectors) and lastly this is an unaccounted for VSV, not show in the FSM Emissions book, I have accounted for all others and have all other hoses hooked up properly. It looks like the inboard vac hose goes to a diaphragm on the front of the carb and the outboard vac hose goes to the thing pictured in Pic 2?
Before you all say, why not de-smog it....I know...but this is the road I have gone down and I have way too much work into and need to get this ON the Road! BTW, 1986 FJ60, almost all stock except for 5 speed and slight lift.
Many Many thanks. Walt

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Ok, so I just looked at my FSM air conditioning book, I had a feeling that #2 vacuum port and #6 VSV had to do with the a/c. Those two solved, if someone can help me out with the others that would be great.
just found the wire for the coolant temp sensor, so all solved except the little bracket on top of the valve cover and also I am trying to figure out where the 5th larger hose goes that comes of the bottom edge of the HAC module, the FSM only shows the four smaller hoses at the top.
the bottom port of the hac is supposed to just vent to atmosphere.
its been a long time but i believe that the one at the top of the valve cover was just a bracket to hold some lines or something. been a while since i had it. the one off the bottom of the manifold i believe is for your blower motor although that spade connector is different from mine but if it is to the temp sensor on the bottom of your manifold then its definitely for the blower motor
and unless mine is totally boogered the open port off your head by the coolant sensor goes to the top port on the switch on your drivers fender next to the headlight fluid reservoir
hey Brett, thanks, yes, that open port by the coolant sensor definitely goes of to the VSV high idle solenoid for the A/C...and I just moved it a little to make way for the washer tank...closed the hood and snapped one of the tubes off it! D'oh! And it's parts like that that cost money. have a feeling the bracket is just there for no reason on my model....or it will come to me in a dream
On picture #4 where does that wire go into the harness? My cruiser is at work right now and I am driving the work truck other wise I would head over and look at it.
it comes from the group of wires that run along the drivers side wheel well....I did figure out that connector goes to the manifold heat sensor.
Your top pic with the little curved bracket on the valve cover does not belong there. It belongs off of another bracket on the intake manifold to hold the power steering line.

Hey Joe E, thanks again...I guess if anyone knows every little piece it would be you, I still shake my head in amazement when I see the the job you did. AND I was wondering what that bracket was hanging off the manifold!! BTW I posted a thread about my continuing alignment issues, not much of a response, I fixed the cross member but it still looks off center.

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