A dumb question for CDan & brake experts...S12W calipers?

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Apr 1, 2006
I picked up a set of 88-95 IFS calipers back in Jan to rebuild and swap in on my disc conversion for my 40. Well got them nice and fresh now, ready for dust boots, and new o-rings, but the kit from CDan doesn't fit. Seems it is too big! Part number 04479-60020, Cylinder Kit.
I thought I had the correct fitment and these S12W calipers have the larger piston? Apparently not. Has anyone done a rebuild on these calipers and if so what kit do I need to fit them?
I know there are 35mm pistons and maybe 40mm as well?


I'll be calling Dan shortly I'm sure....
Didn't even know parts were available. I and the other 299, 999,998 people in the USA just buy reman calipers then this is a non issue.
That might be the case, as I knew a later caliper was bigger than these. Dan says the caliper casting number won't reference the part you need so either pull the caliper yourself and check the exact year vehicle or test fit them against an earlier 89-91 4Runner caliper kit, or they may be from a minitruck of 90s vintage. Basically a PITA.

I also found a set of the S13W calipers and might run those on my 62, and those ARE the 92-95 V6 calipers from the 4Runner. I'm tempted.

At the end of the day remans through CDan are 95 each and you get a nice shiny new V6 caliper which is what you want, plus the legwork I do costs me $50/hr, so at day's end the remans are a better option.
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